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Page Created:
July 21, 2000
Last Modified:
July 12, 2005


Cinematic Preview
Mission Software Required
Click on the link above to launch
viewer, then click on the lab assistant
to take a tour of the lab and cell.
Possible long download time,
but worth the wait.

Welcome to the NDSU Virtual Cell Lab...

This world renowned lab was funded by a major donation from the estate of Thaddeus Rimplemeier, (see disclaimer) one of the great philanthropists of the 20th century. In his will, he specifically required that undergraduate students be involved in all aspects of the cell and molecular biology research at our institute. This is a direct result of his many years of devoted teaching to aspiring young entrepreneurs and industry moguls.

We do have some security regulations here. You will need to login each time you enter the lab. The first time you check in you will be required to register with the security division and then you will be given a login and password. Remember these, you will need them when your return next time.

Once you get into the building, you will be directed toward your research vessel (a Mark IV Re-sizing Submarine) and it's onboard laboratory so that you may be introduced to your laboratory assistant. Tap him on the shoulder to get your instructions.

You will have a set of controls with which you will maneuver your research vessel, find general cell information and perform experiments.

Others can be inside a cell with you. These other researchers are also equipped with a Mark IV research vessel. So if you see another submarine in the cell, you know someone else is there too. You can also communicate with others in the cell by using the User-to-User communication box.

That is all of the basic information you will need. As soon as you want to enter the institute, click on the "Login & Play" button on the Virtual Cell Homepage. However, don't forget to register your first time playing. Oh, and remember to write down your login and password and keep it in a secret spot. Good luck on all of your work; you are entering a new frontier of science research.

*Disclaimer* - The character of Thaddeus Rimplemeier is completely fictional, and is meant in no way to represent real persons, living or dead. Funding for the Virtual Cell Project was provided by the National Science Foundation.

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